【MotoGP】2018 Austria MotoGP Warm Up Result: Dovizioso Pips Marquez



★MotoGP2018オーストリアGP 3位ドヴィツィオーゾ「最後の10周でペースが落ちてしまった」

[気になるバイクニュース。] – 08/13 10:38

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(Source: Ducati)
(Photo courtesy of michelin)

2018 Austria Saturday MotoGP Notes: Will History Be Rerun?

[MotoMatters.com | Kropotkin Thinks – … that relationships between crew chiefs and riders are delicate things] – 08/12 07:52

It is a good job it will be dry on Sunday at the Red Bull Ring. Because if it were to stop raining half an hour before the race started, the rest of the field wouldn’t see which way Marc Márquez went. That is the conclusion we can draw from Saturday morning in Austria, when FP3 started on a wet track with a dry line forming. Márquez waited patiently in the pits for half an hour, then when the dry line got wide enough, went out on slick, and destroyed the field, lapping 2 seconds or more faster than anyone else.
It was a display of just how useful all that riding flat track has been to Márquez. There is no one quite so good at searching for grip on a sketchy surface, and clinging so precisely to the thin line of drying track which offers grip. It was a repeat of his superiority in Argentina, only in that race, his superiority was marred by a reckless disregard for his fellow racers on track. He did much better in FP3 on Saturday.
The poor conditions caused major headaches for those riders stuck in Q1 after the FP1 session on Friday morning. The weather meant a lost session, with no chance to improve their time, and no real lessons to be learned from a track that was changing all t……