【MotoGP】Interview: Gigi DallIgna On MegaRide Tire Simulation Software And Learning From Other Factories



スーパーバイク世界選手権(SBK)タイ スーパーポールでバウティスタがトップ

[気になるバイクニュース。] – 03/16 17:31

Tissot Superpoleの結果です。初日から圧倒的なスピードで走行しているDucatiのアルヴァロ・バウティスタが31秒台を記録して1位、2位はジョナサン・レイですがバウティスタとの差は0.429秒となりました。3位アレックス・ロウズ、4位サンドロ・コルテセ、5位レオン・ハスラム
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Interview: Gigi Dall’Igna On MegaRide, Tire Simulation Software, And Learning From Other Factories

[MotoMatters.com | Kropotkin Thinks – … that bikes are on track again, and all is right with the world] – 03/23 02:28

It is no secret that Ducati has invested a lot of time and money into tire management. An investment born of necessity: the Desmosedici is the most powerful bike on the grid, with rumors of over 300hp, and getting all that power to the ground places massive stresses on the tires. Even the smallest gains can have a big effect.
One of the avenues Ducati have been exploring has been through software modeling. The Italian factory started a collaboration with MegaRide, a software company specializing in vehicle dynamics simulation which emerged from the University of Naples. That collaboration kicked up a lot of fuss in 2017 when news of the collaboration broke, though with it came a lot of misconceptions. Ducati Corse boss Gigi Dall'Igna helped clear up some of those misconceptions in an interview with MotoMatters.com at Silverstone in 2017.
Since then, the public focus on the collaboration has slipped. But the work between MegaRide and Ducati has continued, the Italian startup helping Ducati understand the performance of the rear tire, and extract even more gains from it.

Analyzing The Ducati Aero Appeal: The Process, The Future, And Where The MSMA Goes From Here

[MotoMatters.com | Kropotkin Thinks – … that bikes are on track again, and all is right with the world] – 03/22 06:44

Tomorrow, at 11am CET, the MotoGP Court of Appeal meets to consider the case of Ducati’s swing arm spoiler, fitted to all three Desmosedici GP19s raced at the opening MotoGP round in Qatar. Three trained lawyers are to hear the case put by Aprilia, Honda, KTM, and Suzuki, that Ducati’s spoiler breaches the technical guidelines set out by MotoGP Technical Director Danny Aldridge.
The Court of Appeal is hearing the case after it was rejected twice on the Sunday evening of the Qatar race. The FIM Stewards first rejected the protest submitted by the four manufacturers against Ducati, which the four manufacturers appealed to the FIM Appeal Stewards. After hearing evidence, the FIM Appeal Stewards decided more expert evidence and background data was needed to make a decision, and so referred that decision to the highest court inside the FIM, the FIM MotoGP Court of Appeal.
At the heart of the appeal is the belief that Ducati’s spoiler creates an aerodynamic downforce. This is a violation of the technical guidelines issued by Danny Aldridge during preseason testing, which banned aerodynamic parts being attached to the rear swing arm unless they were being used to deflect water, protect ……